Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sleek review-Flamingo blush and True colour lipstick in naked

I LOVE sleek! I wan't to buy all of their blushes (especially the shimmery ones) and lipsticks.

Flamingo is an extremely bright quite warm pink (flash altered the pic). It looks very scary in the pan and even I need to apply it with a light hand and a very fluffy brush-or I end up looking like a clown :P I don't tend to look out for staying power in products but this seems like it would stay on all day. It gives a very cute doll like look on me and I think it would suit most skin tones-especially very pale or very dark.

Naked is a warm? toned lipstick with a sheen finish. It goes on very light so I need to apply it carefully or I look kinda dumb lol. But I LOVE it! My one gripe is the sheen finish. It's fine if you have moist lips but mine are dry so it goes on dry (which I don't really mind), but it didn't work well (kept spreading around the clour) with my favourite choice of lipgloss (the clear gloss end of sleek wonderlast colour in soft suede-another great nude!), but then again, tht lipgloss was formulated for use with the other half of the wonderlast.

All in all they are both great and are now going into my staple make up bag which I use to house my basics which I wear every day. Here are my looks and the products used :)

 Some QVC brush I used to apply the blush
 Benefit high beam on my brow and cheekbones (finger blending)
 I used only the gloss on my lips
 Collection 2000 extreme 24hr felt tip eyeliner-this stuff is amazing! I can't use traditional eyeliners cos I am terrible at using them-but this makes it soo much easier. I love it so much that I don't wear kohl on my bottom lashes anymore (my eyes always looked funny somehow),  use this liquid one on my top lashes with a flick and that's it-it gives me a kind of retro look I love
 Maybelline one by one volume express mascara is amazing! The plastic brush doesn't clump and it lengthens my eyelashes alot (my eyelashes are naturally curly enough!)
 Sleek creme to powder foundation in henna-I have gotten comments that my skin looks flawless when I wear it (I don't think so), but it's great.
 (the flash makes me look a weensy bit pale but the foundation is a perfect match and check out my nose piercing :D)

 Excuse my expression :L

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