Friday, 8 July 2011


What a fun friday night I'm having. I am feeling so fucked off atm! I was supposed to go support my friend at prom and take even more pics of her (I did her hair and makeup) and shiz but I kind of got left behind by the people who were supposed to be taking me!!! -.- (ouch!)

I guess the pics I took before will cheer me (and hopefully you if you're having a shite friday night) up and I have plenty of time to go on that run now (I'm trying to tone up!)

P.S (I need to figure out my daddy's fancy camera to get better lighting-her makeup was much brighter in natural lighting outside :)

I used on her: Sleek creme to powder foundation in deep sable, Benefit moonbeam highlighter (cheek bones and brow bones), eyebrow pencil, Beauty Uk metallic eye quad 2 (the silver colour all over her eyelid), the blue eyeshadow from Sleek sunset palette on her outer corners, the black from the same palette for blending, the shimmery red on her cheeks (the same palette hehe) and Sleek wonderlast colour in soft suede with light pink gloss on top (her lips.) As you can see, I LOVE Sleek makeup!

This was my first time doing hair and prom makeup on someone so tell me what you think :)P

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