Thursday, 7 July 2011

First post! :D

Hello all! This is my very first post and (for once) I am actually going to blog very regularly :D Anyways, the first thing I will talk about is my nails. Today I went to town after GCSE drama mock rehearsals (we are getting there), to buy my friend foundation for her prom tomorrow (check back tomorrow where I'll upload her look!), and I got myself a new nail polish (can't get enough of the stuff). I am always on the lookout for a good nude (the pink type) and I have found my perfect shade! I used MeMeMe nail polish in the shade: 78 Ambitious.

 (I know I'll clean them up more tomorrow!)
I find most light nail polishes go on too streaky and take loads of coats to go opaque but this stuff is amazing! I only need 1-2 coats for an opaque finish and the colour is to die for! (The lighting is a little off-it's much more demure in natural lighting)

I am in no way affiliated with any brands I mention in posts-I post purely for reviewing purposes.

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