Sunday, 31 July 2011

Highlights on natural hair using Dark and lovely light golden blonde

Me and my friends dyed my hair with Dark and lovely hair dye in light golden blonde. It doesn't show up that well in pics-but this stuff works! In person it's a lot lighter and I'm ginger (ok not ginger but it's a gorgeous light golden shade). I won't lie, my hair is dry-but it wasn't in the best condition to start with :L This dye is the truth! I'm going to add in more highlights-and the colour takes so well in one go-we didn't even leave it on the full time for fear of looking too blonde :L

Sleek review-Flamingo blush and True colour lipstick in naked

I LOVE sleek! I wan't to buy all of their blushes (especially the shimmery ones) and lipsticks.

Flamingo is an extremely bright quite warm pink (flash altered the pic). It looks very scary in the pan and even I need to apply it with a light hand and a very fluffy brush-or I end up looking like a clown :P I don't tend to look out for staying power in products but this seems like it would stay on all day. It gives a very cute doll like look on me and I think it would suit most skin tones-especially very pale or very dark.

Naked is a warm? toned lipstick with a sheen finish. It goes on very light so I need to apply it carefully or I look kinda dumb lol. But I LOVE it! My one gripe is the sheen finish. It's fine if you have moist lips but mine are dry so it goes on dry (which I don't really mind), but it didn't work well (kept spreading around the clour) with my favourite choice of lipgloss (the clear gloss end of sleek wonderlast colour in soft suede-another great nude!), but then again, tht lipgloss was formulated for use with the other half of the wonderlast.

All in all they are both great and are now going into my staple make up bag which I use to house my basics which I wear every day. Here are my looks and the products used :)

 Some QVC brush I used to apply the blush
 Benefit high beam on my brow and cheekbones (finger blending)
 I used only the gloss on my lips
 Collection 2000 extreme 24hr felt tip eyeliner-this stuff is amazing! I can't use traditional eyeliners cos I am terrible at using them-but this makes it soo much easier. I love it so much that I don't wear kohl on my bottom lashes anymore (my eyes always looked funny somehow),  use this liquid one on my top lashes with a flick and that's it-it gives me a kind of retro look I love
 Maybelline one by one volume express mascara is amazing! The plastic brush doesn't clump and it lengthens my eyelashes alot (my eyelashes are naturally curly enough!)
 Sleek creme to powder foundation in henna-I have gotten comments that my skin looks flawless when I wear it (I don't think so), but it's great.
 (the flash makes me look a weensy bit pale but the foundation is a perfect match and check out my nose piercing :D)

 Excuse my expression :L

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Got my nose pierced :D

Okay this is five days late but I had my nose pierced :D I LOVE it!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I haven't updated as much as I'd like to because I had such a busy week! Last week on monday I had one of my three controlled assessments for english and stayed after school until 6 to rehearse for my drama mock. My drama mock was on tuesday and I did shite! I got an E because we chose a terrible play and our timing got our marks slashed in half :( Wednesday was an enterprise day and we went to a few seminars/took part in activities which well help us post 16. Thursday was our other enterprise day and we went to thorpe park (Uk theme park), which was awesome! Then afterwards I had my DofE award presentation evening (look up Duke of Edinburgh award if you don't know what it is) until 9! Friday was an inset day so we went up to Wales for my dad's graduation. It was a lovely day but fml I hate getting up so early! On the plus I love pork faggots and Swansea :) Then on saturday I had my DofE expedition. We had to do a 20km hike whilst it was pissing it down with rain and with just over 20kg on my back (I am petite). We had to camp at an awful campsite then hike another 10k back to our destination! (these distances aren't taking into account getting lost). A couple of things I'd like to mention are: you can have torrential rain in a forest for hours, DON'T do DofE, waterproofs are NOT waterproof (not even army ones), trangia's are shit for cooking, I look terrible with absolutely no makeup (got washed off), steep hills are not your friends and I think we walked through a field of weed :)...

I will upload when I can be bothered :) x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The things you do to make your hair purty...

As you may or may not know-I have natural afro hair, and it is a complete pain in the arse to look after :) I was doing a deep treatment today, so I sectioned my hair into 6 plaits, washed it with alberto basalm raspberry shampoo and DC'd with Tresemme silicone free conditionter (moisture one), an egg and olive oil. Now, I've heard all the horror stories of the egg scrambling in people's hair and washed my hair with cold water. Well I must have a really hot head cos I have minute amounts of scrambled egg in my hair :( Is anyone safe? :L

Friday, 8 July 2011


What a fun friday night I'm having. I am feeling so fucked off atm! I was supposed to go support my friend at prom and take even more pics of her (I did her hair and makeup) and shiz but I kind of got left behind by the people who were supposed to be taking me!!! -.- (ouch!)

I guess the pics I took before will cheer me (and hopefully you if you're having a shite friday night) up and I have plenty of time to go on that run now (I'm trying to tone up!)

P.S (I need to figure out my daddy's fancy camera to get better lighting-her makeup was much brighter in natural lighting outside :)

I used on her: Sleek creme to powder foundation in deep sable, Benefit moonbeam highlighter (cheek bones and brow bones), eyebrow pencil, Beauty Uk metallic eye quad 2 (the silver colour all over her eyelid), the blue eyeshadow from Sleek sunset palette on her outer corners, the black from the same palette for blending, the shimmery red on her cheeks (the same palette hehe) and Sleek wonderlast colour in soft suede with light pink gloss on top (her lips.) As you can see, I LOVE Sleek makeup!

This was my first time doing hair and prom makeup on someone so tell me what you think :)P

Thursday, 7 July 2011

First post! :D

Hello all! This is my very first post and (for once) I am actually going to blog very regularly :D Anyways, the first thing I will talk about is my nails. Today I went to town after GCSE drama mock rehearsals (we are getting there), to buy my friend foundation for her prom tomorrow (check back tomorrow where I'll upload her look!), and I got myself a new nail polish (can't get enough of the stuff). I am always on the lookout for a good nude (the pink type) and I have found my perfect shade! I used MeMeMe nail polish in the shade: 78 Ambitious.

 (I know I'll clean them up more tomorrow!)
I find most light nail polishes go on too streaky and take loads of coats to go opaque but this stuff is amazing! I only need 1-2 coats for an opaque finish and the colour is to die for! (The lighting is a little off-it's much more demure in natural lighting)

I am in no way affiliated with any brands I mention in posts-I post purely for reviewing purposes.